1997: Nick Traina

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September 20, 1997?This day, American punk rocker Nick Traina (19) killed himself with an intentional heroin overdose.

Nick Traina

Traina suffered from serious bipolar disorder. During his short life he had already been hospitalized for several times for his illness; he had survived two previous suicide attempts.

Two months before his suicide he had left the San Francisco punk and ska band Link 80. He had been in this group since he was 16, and in many of their songs he was the lead singer.

Mother and Son

Nick Traina’s death got extra attention because his mother was the very popular, bestselling novelist Danielle Steel. Born from Steel’s failed marriage with heroin addict William Toth, Nick had been adopted by her next husband John Traina.

After her son’s suicide, Steel wrote a book to describe how he had struggled with his depressions (and the related drug abuse). In the…

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Ship from Africa

By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

When a ship from an Ebola-plagued nation docks on American shores with a crew full of sick passengers, by all means, we should bring them into the country and treat them.

But don’t worry – the CDC figured it was probably fine.

According to a release from the CDC, the ship was reported to have traveled to a port in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and others in Africa. Officials immediately downplayed the likelihood that the sickness was related to an outbreak of Ebola in that part of the world.

“There is no evidence to suggest that the crew members traveled to, or had any contact with anyone from the remote island region of DRC where Ebola cases are occurring. Given this, the chance that the crew member could have Ebola is thought to be exceedingly low,” the CDC stated. (source

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Porn Star

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I think I’m gonna become a porn star.

I get fucked everyday, anyway.

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When skinny didn’t rule…….

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being female sucks here in the US. Can’t imagine how much more it must suck in far away countries where females are less than dogs and are bought and sold like cattle. (sigh) I guess things could always be worse for me.

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Photo Credit: Femme International

Photo Credit: Femme International

Women and girls face many challenges around the world that are unjust and often cruel. From child marriage to sexual violence, it is no secret that women experience oppression on a daily basis. But the natural phenomenon of a woman’s body should not be a source of shame, and it certainly should not contribute to her own oppression.

Menstruation is the number one reason why girls in developing countries miss school or drop out altogether. In Kenya, a girl misses an average of 4.9 days of school each month because she is unable to attend class during her period. That adds up to 20% of the school year. Without access to commercial sanitary supplies, women will resort to using such methods as rags, leaves, newspapers and bits of mattress stuffing to manage their periods. Not only are these methods uncomfortable and ineffective, but they can lead…

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Yay I am still a free woman

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I did not fail my drug test for the pre trial release bullshit. yay yay yay for me. I am so ecstatic right now. And getting drunk as hell. I am not gonna smoke again till this shit is over. It sucks but I can do it…for sure.

I think I only passed cuz I drank some special tea that the Jamaicans next door gave me. Thank God for friends.

The Sound and the Fury

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I have these same thoughts…sometimes my arms are all cut up. I can’t help it.

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They are getting louder and clearer…







You don’t deserve to live


Kill yourself


Swallow those 2478 pills in your bedroom


Do it


No one will miss you


Cut deeper


Stop fucking around with the arms you pussy, cut your throat and get it over with


The thoughts and the background noise are getting louder and clearer. Sometimes listening to music will distract them for a while, but they come back. I know they aren’t really there, that the voices are not real but they are hard to ignore. My rational mind tells me that it is just my mental illness manifesting in a different way. 



My irrational, impulsive mind tells me to follow them. 


I need it to stop.


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