this has to be one of the sweetest and most loveable kittens ever….

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found this on facebook and had to repost it here. cuz it makes me laugh…and putting it on fb would incite idiot male friends to make stupid comments and thus piss off the male I live with.


how fucking stupid is that?



never apologize never explain

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I apologize. No, I am not sorry because I quit using sentences beginning with “I am”, followed by self-deprecating verbiage.

Now don’t get me wrong, you have acted like an asshole.

But…I do apologize.

I know it’s me. I cannot continue to deny the unmistakable similar patterns which were made through the course of all of my relationships, whether they were amorous, familial, or otherwise. The proof is there.

Here is my burning question:

It is my contention that when I do eventually cut a person off, I have a very good reason for my decision. I never just ax somebody I really do love. I never like to hurt anyone unnecessarily.

But, does my dysfunction in relationships and my deep need for solitude attract to me those persons who my subconscious mind knows will haul ass, anyway. Do I attract those whom I know will suit me for my…

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how sad

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some family from Louisiana lost their baby today


that is so sad…

Three Lives

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sooo true

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Everyone has three lives: their public life, their private life, and their secret life.

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This girl writes with such passion and energy and TRUTH. Please share!