Morrison, come here….

We are drifting with current
to our death
with silent resignation.
Mad animal in a cage.

We are convicted to death
I hope somebody
was having a good time at least.
Our world is a civilized slaughter-house.

We are standing in a line, well-dressed animals.
I don’t blame any one.
Sharp God, and we ignorant beasts. 
-Jim Morrison 


I think he was right on with this shit. We are merely random particles in a universe gone to shit. There is no gravity the earth just sucks. I wish I had the right words to express how I feel. Torment, pain, guilt, pleasure, more pain, voices in my head, impulse control or the lack thereof….what do I do now. Stranger in a strange land. 

It is beautiful here…much more clean air than in Orlando that’s for sure. However I do not know how to act. I feel like I am underwater and have forgotten how to breathe in the air that is in the water. That makes no fucking sense I know. Life is so weird. One should always be careful when one walks out the front door, for one never knows where the road will lead one.


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