There is NO place like home said Dorothy to Toto

and damned if she was not correct. LOL It is so good to be back home again. I do miss the friend I made in Louisiana tho. Sarah…what a cool damn person if I do say so myself.

The bus journey here was weird like all journeys are. I met some cool people tho, includng one dude who was actually on the same bus from Orlando to Baton Rouge back on March 21. He had to sit there for two hours while that bus was broke down. I got lucky that day and Doug came and got me. I kinda knew when I got off that bus that he and I were NOT gonna be compatible.

He has issues. I mean doh! Everyone does, I get that. But some people’s issues are worse than others.

Anyways…got to go to Walmart here and get new makeup cuz someone (DB) broke a whole bunch of shit by throwing it on the floor like a spoiled brat. Sheesh…I mean get a grip…chillax dude…women come and go you’ll be fine. 🙂



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