“I Hate My Life” – The Things We Tell Ourselves

I really can relate to this post. I thought it was extremely articulate.

Daisies and Bruises

"I Hate Life" - The Things We Tell OurselvesI am so miserable today! And I was yesterday too, and the day before that. I am in a serious rut.

If this blog is brought to you by Erin (me), any period of silence on here is brought to you by anxiety and negative self talk. Listen to the messages I’ve told myself lately:

“I hate my life.”

“My life is over.”

“Life is a terrible thing.”

“No one cares, Erin.”

I mean, who could even like their life, even if they had everything, if that’s all they told themselves day after day after day?

I may not have entire control over my depression or my life, but I can control the messages I give myself. Unless I give myself more positive messages I’m going to feel extra horrible forever. So what can I do to change things?

The messages we give ourselves in our heads come to us…

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