the politics of poetry

Hamid Khan   *you can find him at this weblink*


We are the silence of a drizzle, 
We are the roar of a thunder.

We are the elegant warmth of the sun,
We are the enchanting bliss of the moon.

We are the prayers of desperation, 
We are the hidden shrines of inspiration.

We are the colorful birds of hope,
We are pale dead leaves of despair.

We are the kites flying high in the sky of deception,
We are the ships sinking into the ocean of honesty.

We are the pleasant snowfall of peace,
We are the nasty landslide of distress.

We are the rainbow of unity,
We are the bullets of conflict.

We are the petals of generosity,
We are the stones of greed.

We are the brighter side of love,
We are the darker side of lust.

We are the Shakespeares of literature,
We are the Einsteins of Physics.

We are the theories of adoption,
We are the postulates of abandonment.

We are the canvas of joy,
We are the shades of anger.

We are the lessons of yesterday,
We are the mistakes of tomorrow.

We are the light of life, 
We are the night of death.

We are a galaxy in ourselves.

We are short lived,
We are endless!



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