Drama in Orlando today.

It appears there is an armed man who just shot someone holed up in a house down the street from where I live. There are news trucks and about 80 zillion cops running around in bulletproof vests with grim expressions. I can hear a man on a bullhorn loudspeaker telling the person to come out of the house with his hands in air but so far I don’t think it’s happened. I hope whoever got shot lives to tell the tale. 

People seem to be crazier than they used to be. But then again maybe the world has always been this way and I just was too busy being self absorbed to notice. NOW there’s a nice thought. 

On another note..I do have a (drumroll please) a JOB interview today at 2pm in the lovely fair city of Winter Park – where the signs ask you to “please drive with extraordinary care” OMG – please..and yeah if you are wondering that is considered the nicer part of Orlando. I just a saw a guy with the sheriffs office walk by with a huge bag of gatorade bottles for the other cops who are sitting at the end of the street keeping cars out. What really sucks is that my mom is going to be coming by here to pick me up and she’s not gonna be pleased at being kept off this street. Luckily for me, the corner is right near me so I won’t have to walk far to get to her car. OK now they are asking people to go inside. Maybe they are gonna bust down the doors and take this idiot out. OPD does not fuck around at all…this idiot is just asking for suicide by cop.


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