Abortion Stigma Meets Its Match in ‘Obvious Child’

Women are given a lot of feedback about how they’re supposed to feel about their abortion. Sad. Remorseful. Traumatized. Unsafe. Penitent.

Ashamed. Alone.

The narrative is a minefield of misconceptions about what an abortion even entails. And forget trying to find helpful information on the internet (although it’s gotten a little bit better). Thanks to pop culture, the media, and the extreme religious right, women are presented with the good woman/bad woman binary, and only bad woman have abortions.

Yet here we are, being fed what appears to be the common abortion story in magazines, on TV, and in movies, only to find out that representations in popular media turn out to be quite bogus when we talk to women about their abortions. The vernacular narrative doesn’t reflect the complexity of women’s experiences, and needs to be rototilled until real stories can rise to the fore.

obvious childAnd in walks

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