Or the lack of it is really getting to me. I am about ready to go insane from not having the funds to buy the things I need to survive this shitty existence. I totally see how women end up in the sex trade. It seems like there are no end to the jobs available to us as long as we are willing to prostitute ourselves in some way. It depresses the fuck outta me for sure. I mean I always kinda knew that I had NO real value except as a hole to fuck or a mouth to suck but dayummmmm. This is ridiculous. I know some will think I just have a bad attitude but I really do not. I am simply being realistic and practical.

If I were younger I’d just become an escort. Fuck it. Might as well get paid for doing something you are gonna have to do anyway. At least then you could buy some cool stuff and forget about how degrading the whole situation is.

I hate life.


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