Go home foreigners

We don’t need anymore ppl coming here to the USA. I wish they would take down the statue of liberty or at least take off that stupid poem telling ppl to come here. Fuck THAT. Everytime I turn around there is some fucker from some other place who can barely speak English who has a job that truthfully would be better filled by someone who is FROM here for pete’s sakes. I am so over it. So many of these employers in FL want you to speak Spanish or some other language – fuck that. If I were to go live in Germany, by God I would fucking learn GERMAN. 

Then last night on the news they talk about all these minors being allowed to stay here because of Obama. That’s BS. I feel sorry for em but oh well tough shit. Send the little shits back home. We got too many unwanted children right here in America. OH and then the next news story was all these asswipes getting citizenship AFTER they say how they got here illegally..what the fuck? Why on earth would this gov’t allow ppl to become citizens after they come here that way..? how fucking stupid is that. THAT pisses me off to no end. I can’t believe our gov’t doesn’t keep track of ppl who come here on tourist visas or student visas and make sure they go the fuck home at some point. The one family on the news was from Columbia and they were getting robbed there – that’s why they wanted to come here. Oh come on..so what? people get robbed everywhere. That is not a good reason for us to let them stay. They are taking away jobs from us. The shit pisses me off. 


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