Robin Williams

I can only imagine the pain he must have been in. Poor guy. At least his suffering is over. Just goes to show you that money and fame won’t make a person happy.

HarsH ReaLiTy

Rest in peace you funny man. Release your troubles of this world and know that you will be missed. There are those that understand where you once were and are therefore happy to see you escape from despair. Know I where you now rest? No… I do not, nor do I care to guess. I hope these words still find you still if possible.

We share smiles and provide laughs for an audience, becoming easily forgotten that we wear a human face. Inner demons are beaten down, but not beaten out. They lie in wait for moments in the night when we are away from the comforts that protect us. And rising like serpents they seek to slay the light we desperately guard. Our candle flickers in the darkness, a signal of our struggle.

As our shade rises in the sky we are joined by others on the same journey. Sadly…

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