You Know Someone with PTSD

Emergent Visions

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) happens to a person when an event, or number of events, overwhelm them. Stressful events like being at war, abuse, rape, or even witnessing something can trigger this normal response to an abnormal situation.

It can happen to anyone. You know someone with PTSD and may not realize it.

PTSD is a real physical injury to the brain. There is still a stigma attached to PTSD. Most of it is from misinformation.

The traumatic conditions that lead to PTSD are usually so severe and so extraordinary that they cause distress in almost anyone. The events usually happen very quickly and they are perceived as dangerous to us and the people near us at the time. They overwhelm normal coping strategies. The symptoms actually make perfect sense when you realize how overwhelming a situation was. Trauma is a wound and PTSD is a very deep and emotional wound. It is a wound of the mind and…

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