Well it looks as though I will most likely be going to jail on September 12. I got into a domestic dispute with my bf awhile back and as a condition of being released from jail without a bond I have to be drug tested. It’s only been about three weeks and I am a chronic user of pot. Plus I’m about 20 pounds overweight and thc lives in your fat cells. I doubt very seriously if it will be cleaned out by then.

that sucks. I didn’t like jail they are so mean to you in there. Fuck me running. I wish there was something on the market that would work to cleanse the pee but I am doubting there is anything that will work for this kind of shit.

Oh well. My bf will be out at least although he has to test too he’s super skinny and has no fat hardly. Plus he doesn’t smoke as chronically as I do.

I am so depressed. It all just makes me wanna do some REAL dope. ie. heroin



One thought on “Jail”

  1. The thought of going to jail would piss me of to. I understand what its like to smoke pot everyday and the struggle of stopping knowing you have a pee test coming up. You traded one addiction for another. Have you had any assistance in breaking your addictive behavior? I don’t like the idea of you going to jail. It sounds like you have been in jail before. Your life is worth more, you are worth more. I know it’s hard to climb out when you in a pit and everything looks bleak. You have shown me thru your post and comments you are strong. Can you channel that energy into stopping the addictive behavior and taking small steps to crawl out of pit? You sound very depressed, your drugs aren’t working if you have been taking for a while. If so go to your doctor and tell them your meds aren’t working and you need something else. Don’t let a doctor or anyone else run over you or not respect your view. I live that life everyday with Treatment Resistant Bipolar Disorder. I’ve struggled with the Black Dog my whole life. It took me years to have the confident to say no I’m not feeling that way or the side effects are to much. It took me years to take charge of my illness. It’s a life long battle. When I reached taking over 40 meds I quit counting. I don’t have the answers nor do I have any magical words of wisdom. I want to help, we’ve talked about that. I need you to participate, take my hand and communicate with me. Let me be your sounding board. I’ll help any way I can but ultimately it’s in your hands. Do you want to keep going year to year worry about going to jail or any other self induced crisis?
    Talk to me.


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