Finally…got my laptop back

This poor computer has been locked down in a pawn shop for like two months. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. It’s a Google Chromebook and it’s SO incredibly fast as well. Much faster than the conventional laptop is. I can’t stand a regular laptop anymore I am so used to how fast this thing is. Well I am getting used to it again. I did forget how small the screen is tho.


LOL now if I can just get through the pre trial release crap appointment on Friday I will be so happy. My bf went to his appt on Monday and they did NOT piss test him. Lucky bastard. I hope I get so lucky. The paperwork does say 30-60 days after release date that you gotta be clean. I told them I was a VERY heavy potsmoker and that it would probably take more than 30 days for me to be piss clean. With any luck they will drop the whole case. OH please God let them drop it.



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