What Jesus Wouldn’t Do

this girl speaks from her heart and soul. I love her to death.

Athena's Wicked Owl

Nobody likes my poems from my heart

written in angst as my soul rips apart

My breastfeeding videos are the ones that get views

from all kinds of people, even ones in the pews

saying goodbye to the preacher upon leaving

going home turn on my channel chests are heaving

they’re laughing, they love it and they can’t tell

whether it’s real or fake, but they know I’m going to hell

and that’s the only thing that makes them feel good

laughing at the crackhead who tricked in the hood…

The Sermon on the Mount they totally forget

they don’t know the meaning anyway, on this I would bet

There is not one christian I know who is above condemnation

belittling others is what heals their situation

both women and men get together in groups

“praying” for people who won’t jump through their hoops

of rules and regulations they made on…

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