If I Had to Write Your Obituary


“Today I lost my great aunt, Dr. Nina Mikhoels, my Ninulya, who helped raise me as though I was her own and it feels like one of my protective battlements is down.”

I wrote on my Facebook wall. And it felt feeble.


Ninulya is my first and now I know what it feels like. A battlement is down and I am slightly more exposed to the elements for it. The wind blows colder against my skin, harsh words penetrate deeper.

Then Tali emailed me and said:

“It’s hard for me to imagine this. Dying is the opposite of her. She’s all fire and pillars of smoke”.

Fire and pillars of smoke. My auntie – perfectly summarized

Then Anya added:

Despite living through events that could’ve turned anybody into a skeptical human-hater, Ninulia had the largest heart and the most generous spirit. She had an immense ability to be positive, to believe…

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