The Truth About the Amish

30 Days Notice

Author’s Note June 11, 2014

Please note that this piece was written two and a half years ago. The comments are moderated. This is my own private blog, not your soapbox. I do allow for differences of opinion but if you tell me that I should be ashamed or that you’re disgusted or that this is full of lies or that it’s the most repulsive thing you’ve seen on the internet, don’t expect your comment to see the light of day. Thanks for understanding. 

photo by N. Bourne

This horse is dead. He worked hard every day of his life and when his owner thought he could do  better with a new horse, he hauled this Belgian to New Holland, Pennsylvania, and sold him directly to slaughter. It didn’t matter if there was someone at the auction looking for a draft horse, or a rescue wanting to give him well-earned…

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