that is my life. shit on toast. shit on a sidecar you name it. I hate my life and wish someone would fucking hire me so I can go about changing it. Without cash nothing can be done to fix things.

I would love dearly to get away from this dick boyfriend of mine. The man couldn’t be more of a dick if he tried. I am dead serious. He thinks some of the stupidest shit is reality when in fact if you fucking google it, you will find out it’s not. I mean really only a ten year old refuses to see truth in front of their eyes.

It’s like no facts please, my mind is made up. It would be funny if it weren’t so sick. This guy thinks women from a normal life choose to marry a polygamist where they’d be one of six or more so called wives…I mean really? Oh come on. Women are not that fucking stupid. The ones who are in it are in it cuz they were born into it. They have been told since birth that the only reason for their existence is to serve and service men and then give birth to and raise a bunch of idiot ass children to do the same.

Most of the time, the boys get pushed out of town. They drop them off somewhere like you would dump a cat. Not that that is o either. I hate men.




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