praise the lord and pass the ammunition

not sure why I titled this post like that. LOL I am so not having a good night at all. Not that any of my nights are good. I am reading a book by two of those three girls who spent nearly ten years as captives for ariel castro…u know the cleveland ohio case

so very sad. I read shit like this and I am glad my life isn’t that bad. I need to get out of this fucking relationship. It is not working for me at all. I need someone to hire me first tho or I will be homeless on the street. THAT would be horrible.

I wish I had stayed in school and gotten a college degree that would have made it a lot easier to earn a decent living and not need to live with a stupid man in order to make ends meet in the middle.

mostly I hate my life. the only things that make me happy are my cats and my dog. THEY love me even if no one else does. well, my mom loves me of course. I have about five friends who love me…sigh


oh well enough bitching tonight I need to blog more and maybe get some of this ugly shit off my chest. OH yeah and I smoked some crack cocaine tonight. It was boring I didn’t like it.


I like weed..


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